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Concrete Grinding/ Polishing
Hyper-Floor (Mechanical Polish)
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Premium Flooring Solutions

The team at J's Magic Floors are experienced professionals who put all of their attention into the intricate details of flooring. We create elegant floors that you will enjoy for years to come. For your convenience, we also strive to keep our prices affordable, so you can enjoy beautiful floors on any budget.

Concrete Grinding Service

When your concrete floors are exposed to heavy and harsh traffic over time, they eventually become rough and uneven, which can present a tripping hazard. Our service restores your concrete floors to smooth and even surfaces by grinding down the uneven places, and our expert team handles the intricate process with as little disruption as possible.

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Smooth Concrete Polishing

After concrete grinding, we thoroughly clean the mess grinding often leaves behind and begin polishing the floor. Polishing ensures that your concrete surface will be smooth and professional and that it will stay that way for a long time. Our team members have years of experience with the close attention to detail and precision that this process requires.

Sophisticated Equipment

The process of grinding and polishing concrete requires specialised equipment and extensive training. J's Magic Floors owns the heavy machinery necessary for this task, and our team members have done extensive training to be qualified to use it. With our experience and equipment, our team will leave you with professional and safe concrete flooring.

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